Part 2: Colony preview.. All new Monitoring screen ūüé¨

Never one to go back on a promise… Here’s ‘Part 2’ – Your sneaky preview of our all new Monitoring screen!

Today’s video shows¬†Colony’s fresh¬†new Monitoring screen,¬†brimming with exciting new features including super-speedy search tools, advanced online application features and real-time data updates so you can rest assured that you never miss a trick! …..But don’t just take our word for it,¬†take a look.¬†

We are busy working on¬†more previews¬†for¬†you¬†so here’s your chance¬†to tell us want you want to see in¬†Part 3¬†– Plot Inspections? Waiting List Management or Invoicing?

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Cant wait that long? Then why not book a full demo of Colony from the comfort of your own desk, and see how simple allotment management could be!

So watch this space the next installment of our Colony preview videos..ūüé¨ūüé•