What makes Colony so special?

Every business deserves quality software and apps to get the job done – allotments managers included. 

Colony is the only software of its kind that truly meets the needs of a modern day allotment management service.

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Managing your allotments has never been easier

Colony makes managing your allotments simple, seamless and intuitive – whether you’re a solo manager or part of a dream team of allotment administrators. 

Imagine it: no more delving through spreadsheets or index cards for the right info, no more battling with out-of-date ‘purpose-built’ databases, no more shoehorning your allotment services into one-size-fits-no-one CRMs.

All your contacts in one place

Current and historic tenants, waiting list applicants, enquirers all in one place, and GDPR compliant to boot!

Keep on top of all activity

Say goodbye to-do lists and never forget another important 'due by' date again - Colony does the remembering for you.

Take control of finance

Calculating rent values has never been so simple - just use Colony's flexibility to automatically calculate it for you.

Report on anything

From waiting list information to inspection history - there's a report for just about anything in Colony.

Access from anywhere

Are you a PC or Mac person? No need to choose! Colony is a full web-based app that you can access from your desk or your decking.

Get tough on security

Your data is the most important asset you have for your service. Colony is the perfect way to protect it.

Record your inspections

Keep all of your inspections information, photos and history handy. Issue dirty plot letters and notices to quit instantly.

Store essential documents

Link photos, documents, letters to your tenants, plots and sites. Colony has inbuilt storage capacity for you to store documents of any type.

Build your sites' history

Colony keeps the full history of your services in a GDPR compliant manner, so you can track everything from plot splits to maintenance history in one place.

Ready to work smarter, not harder?

A personalised, one-to-one tour of Colony is the perfect way to get the full flavour of all of the features and benefits that will transform your workflows and revolutionise your allotment management service. 

What some of our customers have to say

How easy it to get started?

Getting started with Colony and couldn’t be easier. We work with you to get your data imported and up and running exactly as you want it to look and work. From there, you receive top-notch training and ongoing support directly from our team.

Why not have a read of Sue’s journey of working with MCPC to learn more…

When I took on the role of Allotments Officer nearly 10 years ago, I inherited a folder full of dog eared spreadsheets. Changes of tenants were done with tipex and biro and data about revenue and demand was impossible to determine.

It was clear that the modernisation of administering such a large service needed to be high priority. MCPC took what little data we had and set up the Colony Software with as much data as we could provide imported from the start.

It took time and care for us to develop that data further but revenue projections and demand trends are now available at the click of a mouse. The time and effort put in by MCPC at the outset was above and beyond what we expected and the quality of their service has in large part, determined how well the Colony system was embedded into the department.

Colony has become an indispensable and intrinsic part of the way we manage one of the largest allotment services in the country.

Sue Radcliffe, Allotment Officer, City of Stoke on Trent

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Allotment management is made easy with Colony